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Sound Machines Modulör 114 Sound Machines Modulör 114

Sound Machines Modulör 114

8 650 kr
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An all-in-one sound factory, our MODULÖR114 eurorack analog modular synthesizer is our first product designed as a complete and powerful unit. 
A great entry ticket to the modular world for someone, a treasure trove of sounds for others, the MODULÖR114 encloses the most sought-after analog textures and the modern additions that renders this product unique.
The MODULÖR114 shows its lineage with its raw, organic and sometimes uneducated analog sonic character. The heart of the modular synthesizer is a full set of analog blocks that allows the musician to be inspired and experiment with a real, no compromise machine. More than twentyfive freely patchable analog modules lets you deep dive into the world of synthesis with the added bonus of the many other characteristics of the MODULÖR114.
Three-way power supply: USB, 12Vdc, eurorack ribbon.
1 USB/MIDI (Device AND Host) to CV with MOD output, Clock and 4 CC# integration
2 VCOs (one simplified, one full optional!)
1 noise generator (white-pink)
1 LP/BP resonant 12dB/oct VCF
1 VCA with saturation
1 four stage ENV generator with looping option
1 output amp with headphone driving capability
1 ribbon controller with GATE and CV generation
2 manual cv generator
1 scale and chromatic quantizer
1 S&H
3 mixers
3 attenuators
1 clock divider
4 logic gates
2 buttons / manual triggers / function buttons
1 fx unit
The MODULOR114 is enclosed in a robust metal case and could also be detached and seated in your 84hp eurorack case. MODULOR114 is compatible with any Doepfer(tm) style eurorack power supply.





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