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SSF Mixmode

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Steady State Fate - Mixmode
Mixmode is a high very high performance, high fidelity, quad attenuator, inverting attenuator, mixer, precision adder/subtracter, RGB polarity/level meter and unique user customizable saturator.
Mixmode is very low noise, low distortion and exhibits negligible DC offset. This equates to an exquisite signal path for audio and CV. Whether used as a buffered attenuator; capable of driving at least four destinations per channel, or a four channel mixer - the high bandwidth and slew rate deliver every nuance of your source material.
To complement the high headroom and transparency of the DC coupled clean mixer output, Mixmode features a unique tool for additive synthesis. A novel saturation mode was devised to provide a large palate of harmonic content addition and wave shaping for both audio and control voltages. Bipolar clipping circuitry allows for the saturation threshold and symmetry to be adjusted by the user to taste. PCB trimmers are provided on Mixmode to dial in your unique sound. The Expander allows for the threshold/symmetry controls to be adjusted manually on the front panel or via voltage control.
Polar clipping level LEDs mounted on the front panel indicate the saturation levels of the mix. These LEDs are in the signal path and play a key role in the actual saturation circuitry.
A CLN/SAT switch toggles the clean and saturated mixer topologies.
The output jack behavior of channel 1-3 is customizable via PCB jumpers. Leaving the respective pin jumpers on will remove the channel from the mix if a jack is patched to the respective output. Removing the jumper will keep the channel in the mix regardless of output jack status. Both options serve useful and it is up to the user to program their preference. By default, the channel jumpers are set on at the factory.
As a quad attenuator, four inputs and four outputs are provided for the best quality buffered attenuation available. Every channel features a switch to invert the signal. This is much more useful than an 'attenuverter' because the full rotation of the attenuator is now used for increased precision when adjusting levels. When mixing signals, the inverter switch acts to subtract the signal from the sum of the mix. The normal mode adds to the mix as expected.
Channel four's output serves two functions that are necessary when Mixmode is used without the Expander. A switch is provided to toggle the output between channel four's attenuated output and the full mix of all the channels.
The Expander provides two dedicated mixer outputs - freeing up channel four's output for full time attenuator duty.
Every channel features an RGB signal polarity/level indication system. This modern approach to LED signal status uses RGB LED lite pipes to visualize the signal amplitude, polarity and inversion. For DC and slow CV signals, positive signals appear blue and negative signals appear red. Audio rate bipolar signals will appear pink/purple. DC offset and asymmetry are visualized as the color will shift more blue for positive offset and more red for negative offset.
When a channel is in inverted mode, positive processed signals are green and negative are red. Inverted audio signals appear yellow and shift to light green for positive offset and orange for negative. This system stands to be very useful and visually appealing.
4-layer PCB construction for superior proximity noise immunity
All Inputs/Outputs are DC coupled
Input range: ~ 22Vpp (from input to mixer output)
Attenuator Output Headroom: ~24Vpp
Mixer Output Headroom ~22.6Vpp
DC Input Impedance ~ 100k
DC Output Impedance ~ 1k
Saturation +/- threshold range (without CV) ~ +/-3.8V to +/-10V
Power requirements:
+/-12V, 5V not used
Quiescent Current Draw: +/-37mA
Absolute Max Draw: +/-39mA
Width: 6 hp
Depth: 23mm





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