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Steady State Fate Steady State Gate

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The Steady State Gate is a novel and discrete multi-mode Low Pass Gate including an additional stage of timbre modifying circuitries.
• 6db/Oct Bandpass, 6dB/Oct Lowpass and 12dB/Oct Lowpass Filter Modes
• Manual Frequency Cutoff Control and CV Input
• Manual Resonance (Q-FACTOR) Control and CV Input
• Three Timbre Modifying Circuits - Manual Control and CV Input.
• Wave Folder
• Soft Saturation Overdrive
• QAOS (Resonance Character Modifier)
• Manual and Voltage Controlled Decay Envelope tailored to Vactrol LPG response curve.
• Envelope output for self patching and controlling external modules
• EXCITE Input conditions gates and triggers and external envelopes to 'pluck' the Low Pass gate
• EXCITE is input level sensitive to control the dynamics and emphasis of plucking effects.
• Sensitive to Envelope attack up to about 50mS
• The Steady State Gate can also be used as a standalone VCF or as a stand alone VCA with high end roll off - typical of most traditional Low pass gates. With or without Timbre modifiers in play.





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