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TipTop Audio BD909

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The BD909 is a recreation of Roland's TR-909 analog bass drum sound generator adapted for modular synthesizer use. The front panel contains all of the controls found on the original TR-909 drum machine, allowing you full control over the sound’s volume levels to mix with other drums and accent levels, decay tune and the envelope attack and decay segments. In addition to those original controls we
have also added new controls, further enhancing this legendary sound generator.
• output level - 0 - 10v
• original 909 attack control
• extended 909 decay control for more umphhh
New controls for the oscillator tuning:
• attack tune
• decay tune - these two will have an effect on each other
which makes it really cool global oscillator tune control - this sets an offset for the oscillator, sets the starting frequency for the envelope vc-tune with attenuator (can go over a wide range) overload knob - might not be everyone's cup of tea, what it does is overload the sine shapers which adds harmonics and some extra punch, it's an aggressive effect.
vc - overload - can be cv or even audio accent in - can be with a pulse or cv 0 - 5v accent attenuator
• Gate in
• Size: 8 hp


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