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TipTop Audio Chorus ZDSP Card

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Chorus card for the TipTop ZDSP module.
Contains eight different chorus effects.
1. Dual Chorus: independent chorus lines for L and R, each si modulatoed with an own sinewave LFO.Depth sets modulation intensity.
2. Dimension ?: two chorus lines being modulatoed by one common triangle LFO. Its speed is controlled with Rate. Depth sets modulation intensity, HPF the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter.
3. Ensemble: classic effekt of old string machines where a fast and a slow LFO modulate at the same time. Works good with a mono signal and 100% effect. Vibrato sets modulation intensity, HPF the highpass' cutoff.
4. 6 Voice Chorus: six delays which are controlled by two LFOs with independent rate controls. Depth dials in the modulation.
5. Dual Flange: like program 1 yet with shorter delay times and internal feedback (positive and inverted). Only the 1st LFO's rate can be controleld but the depth of both LFOs.
6. Diffuse Chorus: independent chorus lines for L and R which are built with allpass delays. Soundwise the program resembles the reverb of a small room and this effect can be enhanced with feedback. Controllable are LFO rate and depths as well as highpass cutoff.
7. Random Chorus 4 Voice: four chorus lines, two per channel, modualted by 'random walk' generators i.e. working with random. Rate and depth of modulation are adjustable as well as high pass filter's cutoff.
8. Tri Stereo Chorus: three delays, panned to left, center and right. Each delay is modulated by one output of a quadrature LFO. Very wide stereo effect. Once again rate, modualtion intensity and the highpass filter's cutoff are adjustable.





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