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TipTop HATS 808 TipTop HATS 808

TipTop HATS 808

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TipTop Audio HATS 808
Introducing the HATS808, part of our new series of drum modules that brings analog percussion into the modular synth world, instantly turning your system into a self-contained music machine.
The HATS808 is the TR-808’s real analog Closed and Open Hi-Hats circuits adapted for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer format and was tested to sound like a fresh machine coming out of the assembly line back in the 80’s. The adaptation to modular format has allowed us to add some special features per each voice such as independent accent levels, high-powered gain stage, and dual-input pulse-shaper. A filter Q knob and VC-Q were added on top of the main band pass filter to allow tuning the sound but also to get crushed tone and self oscillation at the knob’s max position -- all this without compromising the original signature sound of the TR-808.
The HATS808 sizzling sound is made by six analog square wave oscillators mixed and process by band pass filters. This multi-oscillator design is what gives the 808 Hi-Hats their unique metallic noise character and also makes each HATS808 sound slightly different from one another. The original ‘choke’ circuitry that makes it sound so dynamic and tight is fully implemented, just like the original, but can also be disabled if needed, disconnecting the internal connection between the two hats.
Just like the other drums in this series, the HATS808 high-powered output gain stage allows you to further harmonize the sound through distortion and clipping. On each input, we have designed a dual pulse-shaper circuit so you can trigger your HATS808 with Trigger/Gate signals from step sequencers, clock dividers, or any other pulse/clock sources. This saves you the need to shape the pulses sent to the module and ensuring the same stable sound at its peak power, regardless of differences in your pulse source. All these features provide for integrating of this amazing legendary sound generator into your modular synth with ease, unleashing the power of real analog drums.





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