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Trogotronic m/168 Collier Case 10A/168hp Splashproof Euro-Case Trogotronic m/168 Collier Case 10A/168hp Splashproof Euro-Case

Trogotronic m/168 Collier Case 10A/168hp Splashproof Euro-Case

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Trogotronics Collier Series m/168 Euro-Modular Form Factor Case är enormt robust, vattentätt och kommer med 10A strömförsörjning. En veritabel tank för ditt eurosystem.
• Rugged Splashproof Brief-Case
• 2 Rows of 84hp = 168hp Capacity
• Twin-Pin Removable Case-Lid w/Finger Pulls
• PREMIUM Swiss Rails = No Half-Assed Loose-Nut Comedies
• 10 Amp (10,000mA) Power System INCLUDED
• Power Boards Accommodate Up To 30 Modules w/+12v, +5v & -12v
• Triple Voltage Status Lamps for Power Board (+12v/+5v-12v)
• Power System Works ANYWHERE ON EARTH
• STANDARD Power System Supplies = Quick/Easy User Service
• Plenty of Stainless Module Mounting Screws INCLUDED
Splashproof case probably floats (for a little while) but whatever—hit it with a hammer or throw it at a wall and you are good… that’s the important point. And while we don’t condone leaving it in the rain or taking it scuba diving chances are o-ring sealed lid, pressure relief thumbscrew & stainless fasteners WILL will protect your gear when some asshole spills a drink on it at a gig.
The included Trogotronic Power System does NOT have bullshit bells & whistles advertising copy dab-dreamed-up to justify the price—our marketing is simple: offer the cleanest, most powerful Triple DC Voltage system available using standard off-the-shelf power supplies rather than Don Draper hype. Since one can’t believe everything printed on the side of a Chinese box ALL of our supplies are TESTED UNDER FULL LOAD for any voltage drop & may be user replaced in minutes should anything ever go wrong years down the road when the equipment is out of warranty. Lastly to finish the theme of overabundance with consistency we offer the Collier Case at a price that delivers an extraordinary value.

TT-168 Collier Case




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