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Trogotronic m277

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277M Stereo Tube VCA / Preamp / Overdrive
• 2 Tube VCAs
• 2 CV Amplitude Inputs with Attenuator Knobs (1 per channel)
• 2 CV Drive Inputs with Attenuator Knobs (1 per channel)
• Ample gain for use as a Stereo External Input Preamplifier
• Zero to +5 volt CV-Range compatible w/most LFOs, Envelopes etc.
• Warm Tube-Harmonics
• Compression with Low-End Enhancement
• Compelling Stereo Imaging
• CV Controllable Panning
• Pan-able Stereo High-Gain Tube-Overdrive Effect
• Warms cold digital effects & low-voltage solid-state signals
• 4 CV Lamps: 2 Blue (Amplitude A & B) / 2 Red (Drive A & B)
• 2 Slovakian Max. Gain, Twin-Triode Vacuum Tube run at high-voltage
Use at the end of a patch: Rich tube harmonics & brawny compressed low-end add warmth to your cold digital effects / signals while reinforcing plastic sounding low voltage analog sound.
Use to portray mono signals as vast stereo audio panoramas: The 2 discrete channels run in parallel add depth to mono signals (patched to both inputs) with organic stereo imaging built into the circuit. The same mono signal can be dynamically panned via CV Amplitude inputs.
Use as a stereo overdrive effect: The Drive CV is discrete (1 for each channel independent of the other) so creation of dynamically panning stereo overdrive effects via CV Drive is a cinch.
Use as external input stereo preamplifier: Gain afforded by the 277 is more than adequate to make even the tiny signal of a guitar or microphone patched straight to the input scream. As a modular synth is more than 1000 times louder you may well wonder what happens when such signal is fed through the 277 with controls all set to “eleven”; Results are comparable to “Max” feeding nitrous to his supercharged steed on a post-apocalyptic Australian byway. In other words: before powering up a model 277: full-body horse-hide body-armor is compulsory!
• Euro-Format
• 15HP
• Depth 2.25″ (with power cable attached)
• +12v rail peak current 30ma; avg. current 22ma
• -12v rail peak current 5ma; avg. current 3ma
Module / Box / Instructions / Owners Card / 7" IDC Ribbon connector / Mounting Screws / Mounting Screw Allan Wrench/





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