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WMD Metron

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Metron is a 16 channel trigger and gate sequencer for your Eurorack modular system with loads of intuitive functionality, expansion capabilities, and the tools you need to create longer sequences with tons of variation at your fingertips.
Feature list:
• 16 Channels of trigger and gate signals
• View 4 channels at a time and easily switch views
• Single track view lets you zoom in on a single track and see 64 steps at a time
• Up to 256 step pattern length
• Different pattern lengths per channel
• Five instantly recallable, editable variations
• View and edit variations that are not playing for easy cue and non stop performance play
• Save patterns to SD memory for easy recall on power cycle
• No-stop loading from memory
• Easy view memory previews lets you see a pattern before loading from memory.
• SD allows for easy update as well as easy back up / file transfer from unit to unit
• FX / Fills for instant / momentary variation
• 2 assignable inputs for external CV control
• Tap in patterns with quantized recording with the buttons or external source
• Quick copy / paste / clear functions
• Internal clock with Swing
• Dedicated reset output
• MIDI Preset mode lets you send MIDI messages to other modules on the Doepfer CV bus. (for use with WMD SSM, Malekko Voltage Block, and more)
• Random Pattern Generation
• Probability per step and group probability functions
• Burst per step for ratchet / roll sounds
• Custom Fill Patterns for instant fills
• Trigger Mutes
• Step looping
• Manual gates
• So much more!
Metron is 36 HP and 31 mm deep





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