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Xaoc Devices Jena

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Jena is a digital module that may be used as a flexible waveshaper for CV and audio signals, a wavetable oscillator, a Walsh function generator, or a rhythm generator. Jena is a new member of the Leibniz Binary Subsystem which operates on signals and voltages by manipulating binary 8-bit numbers. The Leibniz subsystem offers direct access to all individual bits of data which can be mixed and cross-patched (like in the popular circuit bending experimental technique, but without the risk of damaging your device). Please note that for analog inputs and outputs it needs to be paired with other Leibniz modules, such as Drezno. Complex chains will be possible as more components are added to the system. For example, you can use two Lipsk expanders (one before Jena, and another one after Jena in the chain) for unlimited patching. For detailed description, please refer to the manual.
• Component of Leibniz Binary Subsystem
• 15 banks of 256 digital transform functions
• Digital waveshaper
• Wavetable oscillator
• Through-zero linear phase modulation
• Walsh function generator
• Drum pattern generator
Technical details:
• 8hp, skiff friendly
• Current draw: +95mA / -30mA





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