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Hello Förnamn!
Here is the Escape from Noise Newsletter #1 2011.

Escape from Noise has been around for a little less then three month now and I must say that the response so far has been overwhelming. A big thank you to all you people that have bought modules, asked questions, sent me suggestions or just generally been supportive.


So Far…
Since the shop opened in October I have had the opportunity to add the products from three more companys to the shop. The colourful patch cables from Ad Infinitum, as well as the modules from Metasonix, the only tube based modules out there, and the brand new company Circuit Abbey whos first module, the Gravity Well, is very impressive.

With the inclusion of Metasonix I had to give up the idea of a euro rack only shop. It just was not possible to pass on the opportunity to sell the Wretch Machine and the all tube drum machine D-1000.


The Future
There is a lot going on right now, both in the modular world and here at Escape from Noise.

Here in the shop probably the biggest change of the year will be next week when no less then four of the top modular brands will be added to the shop, Doepfer, Make Noise, Livewire and Intellijel Designs.

With Doepfer comes the opportunity to sell cases witch makes Escape from Noise a one stop shop with everything for the euro rack.

There is also new modules coming from the brands already in the shop coming up, with WMD:s Gamma Wave Source and Pittsburgh Modulars Timetable first in the tracks. Both expected withing a month.


The Newsletter
This is the first newsletter since I opened up shop and you get it because you in a week moment signed up for it. I´m not going to spam you with mails in the future either. The plan is to publish a newsletter every now and then when there is something to tell, probably about once every two or three month.


Keep on noodling!





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