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Bastl Thyme

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The Thyme is an effects processor that is best described as a sequenceable robot operated digital tape machine. With a lot of parameters at hand it enables the exploration of all the time based effects and the vast space in between their classical multi-effects categories (delay, phaser, reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, tape delay, tremolo, vibrato, compressor) and in stereo! Each of the 9 different parameters (Tape Speed, Delay Coarse & Fine, Feedback, Filter, extra heads Spacing and Levels, Dry Wet Mix and Volume) has a dedicated, very flexible modulation source – called the Robot – which can be phased out differently for left and right channel to create psychedelic new sound effects. The Robot can either be an LFO with many different waveshapes, external CV source or an envelope follower to enable effects reacting to dynamics. On top of everything there are 8 buttons to select a preset and those presets can be sequenced by a built in meta sequencer. The Sequencer, the Robots and the Delay can be synchronised to external or internal clock. Thyme interfaces with MIDI, analog clock and CV, it has a switchable stereo/mono input, stereo output, headphone output with level and foot switch jack.
• analog Input Gain knob up to +20dB
• 9 parameters: Tape Speed, Delay Coarse & Fine, Feedback, Filter, extra heads Spacing and Levels, Dry Wet Mix and Volume
• each parameter has a dedicated modulation source called the Robot
• each Robot is a powerful modulation source: LFO, envelope follower, external CV
• freeze button reconfigures the signal flow to create tape loops
• link button compensates the change in Delay time caused by adjusting the Tape Speed
• tap tempo
• internal or external clock for synchronising Delay, Robot or Sequencer
• 8 presets organized in 8 banks (64 presets)
• 32 step sequencer with 4 patterns for sequencing presets
• switchable stereo/mono input
• stereo output
• stereo headphone output with volume knob
• MIDI Input and Output
• analog Clock Input
• CV input 0-5V (volt per octave for Tape Speed and Delay Time)
• footswitch jack for bypass
• hi-fi audio quality





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