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Begagnad Circuit Abbey Gravity Well

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Begagnad Gravity Well CV-controlled Waveshaper i bra skick.
Picture a unsuspecting signal heading toward a menacing-looking planet. Moons swirling around the planet pull at the gravity field, constantly changing it. As the signal passes the immense gravity field bends and warps it into a whole new signal...
Circuit Abbeys first foray into the Eurorack scene. The Gravity
Well is a wave modifier using asymmetrical wave warping to create interesting new sounds. Think of the signal in orbit around a heavenly body whose gravity is being changed by the CV inputs. One CV varies the gravity field, another pushes it to one side, the third affects the north-south magnitude, and the forth the east-west. The module has one signal input and four CV inputs, all of which have level controls. Each CV channel has a BIAS control for setting initial bias level.
Technical Stuff
The module works by warping the positive and negative portions of the incoming signal by amounts determined by the CV inputs. The Inclination CV varies both polarities equally. The Eccentricity CV increases the positive warp and decreases the negative warp. The Longitude CV increases the positive warp only, while the Latitude CV increases only the negative warp.
This module uses +/- 12 volts@40mA and takes 12 te/hp of rack space

Gravity Well
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