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Expert Sleepers ES-6 mk3

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The ES-6 is the counterpart to the ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface, offering up to 8 channels of CV input with output via an optical lightpipe connection. As with the ES-3, the ES-6 also works well for audio signals, with conversion quality on a par with a regular audio interface.
The ES-6 itself has 6 input sockets; the remaining 2 channels are provided by an expansion module e.g. the ES-7.
Please note that a connected ES-3 or ES-8 is required for operation. The ES-6 gets its clock signals from the ES-3 (which derives them from its lightpipe input) or ES-8 (which has an internal clock).
The ES-6's specifications are as follows:
• Panel width: 4HP
• Module depth: 50mm
• Sync input: connection from ES-3 or ES-8 module
• Analogue inputs: 6x 3.5mm jacks, DC-coupled
• Input voltage range: ±10V
• Input impedance: 100k
• Digital output: optical, ADAT Lightpipe standard Expansion
• Header for connecting expansion modules e.g. the ES-7
• Current draw: 182mA on the +12V rail, 53mA on the -12V rail
In other respects identical to the mk2, the mk3 includes these improvements:
• Jumpers on the PCB to allow DC coupling to be enabled or disabled for each stereo pair of inputs
• Enhanced audio performance





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