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Expert Sleepers Lorelei

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'Lorelei' is a VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) with quadrature sine outputs, waveshaping, and sync/cross-modulation options.
The module has three waveform outputs, all affected by the same waveshaping controls (a front panel knob and a CV input). The first offers a variable pulse width square wave. The remaining two offer waveforms based on quadrature (i.e. 90 degrees out of phase) sine waves. The waveshape control progressively turns the first sine output into a triangle-like waveform; the second sine output becomes a saw-like waveform.
The cross-modulation input is somewhat like the sync input found on more conventional VCOs, but it has more nuances of operation allowing for a wider choice of sounds.
The module is 100% analogue, using discrete transistor OTAs.
• 1V/octave pitch
• Linear FM
• Exponential FM (with attenuator)
• Cross modulation/sync
• Wave shape (with attenuator)
• Square/pulse
• Sine/pseudo-triangle
• Cosine/pseudo-saw
Panel width: 8HP
Module depth: 42mm
Current draw: 55mA on the +12V rail, 54mA on the -12V rail





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