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Hackme Vectr Hackme Vectr

Hackme Vectr

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Vectr - 3D Sensing Gesture Controller and Sequencer

Vectr is a 3D sensing Eurorack modular controller and sequencer. Vectr senses the location of your hand over the dotted area. The sensing works up to six inches (15cm) away. Vectr adds an entirely new dimension to your modular, turning your synth into an interactive instrument. There is no other instrument that allows for so much immediate control.

• Control three parameters with one hand
• Record sequences of hand movements
• Locally or externally triggered recording, playback, and overdubbing
• Dozens of adjustable parameters
• Gestural control of playback speed
• Scratch mode for peformance
• Sequencing effect modulations

Comes in two colours, black and silver.





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