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Make Noise Teleplexer

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The Teleplexer is a telegraph style multiplexer (signal router) that applies the fast, physically immediate techniques of telegraphy to playing the modular synthesizer. The user patches any number of control sources leaving the destination end of patch cables un-connected. Destinations are patched to the outputs of the Teleplexer. Touching the tip of any patch cable carrying a source signal to the surface of the Teleplexer creates a momentary connection. The user determines the destination(s) and polarity of signal by touching the patch cable to any one of the 14 metal plates.

As the building blocks of synthesis are a by-product of communications technologies, why not look to telegraphy for inspiration? The speed and agility telegraph operators displayed relaying life-altering messages across the world was staggering toward some form of future musical genius.

• use as many sources as desired
• possible sources include LFO, Envelope, Sequence, Clock, Gate, Audio Signals and more
• add & subtract voltages by using several sources at multiple plates
• Auxiliary inputs allow for continuous signal source to be added to destination
• up to 3 independent destination outputs
• output signal channel, level and polarity indicated by LEDs
• outputs capable of driving multiple destinations without loading effects (no buffered mult needed)

Make Noise Teleplexer

2014-04-15 av
When shown at NAMM 2014 I was instantly sold. It adds a nice dimension to performance & finally means you no longer need to be stabbing the patch jack in and out of your modules output sockets to create manual bursts of sound (Not the best for the hardware by the way!). Instead the nice touch plates on the module can be used instead. It is essentially a router allowing person to machine interaction. With this in your case, patching creatively just goes up another notch. Very useful for creating determined and experimental variation by injecting temporary control voltages into your patches......& other endless uses, the sky is the limit with what and where this one fits in. As long as you can have your imagination I am sure this module can be applied. YOU NEED THESE !



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