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Maneco Labs Grone Wave Maneco Labs Grone Wave

Maneco Labs Grone Wave

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Grone Wave is the latest addition to Grone family , this incarnation is based on a lo fi sample player engine with 4 banks of up to 16 samples ,in glorious 8 bit and full of aliasing noise , you’ll find all kind of textures and accidents useful for ambient, musique concrete , noise and whatever nightmares you imagine.
You can control pitch , sample start and end points, and reverse them.There’s an external trigger input for retriggering from sync signals , gates or clocks.
Sample then passes through a MOJ transistor ladder low pass filter with resonance, filter is also modulated by a multi waveform LFO.
Effects section is taken care of by a special Clouds version , with dedicated feedback, pan blend and reverb sliders for intuitive and immediate control.





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