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Begagnat Pittsburgh Modular Move 208

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Begagnad Pittsburgh Modular Move 208 i bra skick.
Double Row Mobile Eurorack Modular Case
The Pittsburgh Modular Move [208] Black is a beautiful, fully featured, roadworthy eurorack case and power supply designed to safely house and power up to 208hp of eurorack modules.
Handbuilt in Pittsburgh using select Ukrainian Birch Ply, the Move [208] Black case celebrates the classic pairing of synthesizers with beautiful hardwood. Each case has been constructed and stained by our craftsmen to emphasize its unique beauty.
The strength of the Ukrainian Birch Ply allows the Move [208] Black to stand up the the most rigorous road use. Designers of skateboards, hockey sticks, furniture, and countless other products demanding a strong yet lightweight wood have chosen Birch Ply for years because of its unique combination of strength, weight, and durability.
Each case includes a removable lid. When attached, the lid fits over the patch cables allowing a fully patched modular to hit the road.
A complete set of nickel plated steel corners is also included. The corners ship unattached with screws allowing the owner to easily install the corners if desired.
Move [208] Black Specs:
Width: 528.5mm (208hp)
Number of Rows: 2
Available Depth for Modules: 70mm
Available Depth for Modules (above Power Supply): 62mm
20 Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 40 Modules
80 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included
Guitar Amp Style Strap Handle
Side Mounted Secure Twist Latch
Removable Lid
8 Nickel Plated Steel Corners and Necessary Screws Included
Side Mounted On/Off Switch
Powered Bus Board supplies +12v / -12v / +5v
Dual Custom Powered Bus Boards with 32 Keyed Headers
Eurorack Bus Compatible Bus Boards
Side Mounted 2.1mm Universal Power Adapter Jack
Move [208] Black Power Supply:
Total Power Output: +12v @ 1400mA, -12v @ 1400mA, and +5v @750mA
Dual bus boards deliver power for up to 26 modules using standard 16 pin, keyed power headers.
The power supplies use a single external 15V DC 4-5A 2.1mm barrel jack power adapter.
Move [208] Black Dimensions:
External Width including Latch and Hinges: 23.5"
External Depth including Handle: 12"
Height (including feet & lid): 7"
Height (including feet): 4"
Minimum Depth Available for Modules: 61mm
Maximum Depth Available for Modules: 74mm





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