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Trogotronic 669/Warthog Analog Mini Synth

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669/Warthog Analog MiniSynth is a quantum leap in interface, flexibility, build, fit, finish & concept over anything we’ve crafted to date. It packs more bang for the buck than the Fat Man; It’s more sickening than spying Leatherface in chef’s hat after an all you can eat Chili cook-off; It’s a tabletop sonic-detonator whose wrath be aimed squarely at audio tyranny; It’s the distillation of our vision to smite totalitarian regimes of shitty electronic sound toys. After more than half a decade of intrepid Subhuman R&D the Model 669/Warthog debuts with: 3 Oscillators 3 Master Oscillator Controls 3 Analog Audio Artifact Generators 1 Volume Control 3 Modulator Patches 4 Light Indicator Array 3 Button Performance Array 3 Switch Hold Override Array 2 Quarter Inch Jacks
From expansive leviathan drones plumbing the depths of heavy water reactors to mind-reading staccato glitch attack the sheer power of the 669/Warthog’s sonic devastation is simply extraordinary. WHA-HUH? Yes, Virginia, 669/Warthog can BOTH be the backdrop scenic drone AND an all analog rhythm section played in realtime on the perfectly weighted button array. If the multimillion-dollar flying killbots had ears this would be the guiding beacon they obey.

669/Warthog Analog Mini Snyth
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