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Trogotronic m333

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Trogotronic m333 Event Sequencer/Event follower

Within the myopic domain of patch-cord cowboys wiggling cheeks to the beat of blinkie lights, the outside world is escaped from… forgotten… even ignored. If it’s strumed it’s ho-hummed. Banged? Danged! Sung? Save your lungs!

The Triple-3 aims to shatter the safe confines of Urkle’s inner-sanctum. Trogotronic welcomes in the freaks who with to interact with yon knob collection in an entirely new fashion: The Model 333 M is a three channel audio-to-cv generator that reacts to audio input in a very useful way:

As a Traditional Envelope Follower
As a Nine Step Event Sequencer
“Ditto” in a third Discrete Channel

Mic your neighbors loud-assed hog & you have a two channel sequencer which is triggered in time to the odd, organic lope of her Milwaukee-made V-Twin; Mic Bonzo’s kick drum & your rig reacts to every extra drunken lazy foot kick; Patch it to Maso’s flying Altoids “shaker box” full of Japanese pennies & your modules are perfectly controlled by the supernatural Osaka master of the 55-second polyester display. 333 M Series even means yer barking dog is officially in your techno-band. Mazel tov fair Fido! 333 Features:

3 Channel Audio-to-CV Generator
1 Envelope Generator
2 Channel, 9 Step Event Sequencer
3 Discrete Decay Controls (1 for each channel)
Input Attack Control
Input Preamp Gain Control
Sequencer Range Control
Sequencer Mode Selector
12 Blinding Blue & Red lights
Compact @ Only 10hp
Sequence Breakout Bus foreshadows “more to come”

Gain Control allows the use of everything from the weak signal of a mic or guitar with no preamp to the “hot” signal output from another module without trouble. Range, Attack & Decay Controls allow a great number of adjustments to create odd/organic sequences as well as shaping the Envelope. Sequence Mode selects progressive or single step activation; Both modes have our unique Smooth-Transition Circuitry between steps. Two Sequencer Channel Decay Controls modify CV creating either hard staccato steps or slowly fading voltage glory. Model 333 M ships complete with Printed User Guide, Trogotronic Owner’s Card, 7″ Power Bus Ribbon Cable, Allen Head Fasteners + USA Made Installation Tool packaged in an almost handsome, earth-killing recyclable box. Trogotronic road-proven construction means ALL controls are fastened to the the control board with a nut not just soldered to the circuit board only to be throw-away after a few hard tours of duty. And, of course, ALL Trogotronic instruments are hand-made in the stinkin’ USA by subhumans rather than contracted out to the cheapest overseas bidder by the boardroom fascist overlords.

• Euro-Format
• 10HP
• Depth 2″ (with power cable attached)
• +12v rail peak current 120ma (Sequence switch @ “9”)
• +12v rail average current 70ma
• -12v rail peak current 5ma
• CV output 0 to +10.5v





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