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Begagnad WMD Multimode envelope

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Begagnad WMD Multimode Envelope i bra skick.
The WMD Multimode Envelope is our take on the classic ADSR. It offers expanded controls, multiple logic modes, and voltage control with the expansion module. This is the most powerful envelope ever designed for eurorack.
Theory of Operation
The Multimode Envelope uses an analog integrator core with digital control over positive and negative slopes. This allows for total control over the envelope shape and logic operation. Since the core is analog, the envelope is smooth and stepless, especially important for slow envelopes.
The nature of the core allows for control over its shape through a feedback mechanism, this design also allows for Voltage Control over each segment and for the entire envelope duration.
The 8 HP Multimode Envelope is small and powerful, easy to integrate into any system that needs a powerful envelope generator. Voltage control was left off so that this envelope can be easily fit into an existing modular system. Add voltage control if desired with the 6HP expansion module.
• Computer Controlled Circuitry
• Analog Envelope Generation
• Segment Time: 200µS to 4 minutes
• Variable Segment Shape/Curve
• Doepfer Standard 0-8 Volt Output
• Gate & Envelope Strength LEDs
• Multiple Modes of Operation
• Full Swing Output
• Inverted Full Swing Output
• Manual Gate Button
• 8HP
• -12V: -27mA; +12: +49mA

Multifunction envelope
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