All profits from todays sale will be donated to the Red Cross!


The new reports lately about the so called refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, and all the suffering that the way we here in Europe have choose to treat our fellow human beings are causing, have probably touched most of us deeply. As an individual we feel powerless. It is a tremendous suffering, for a tremendous amount of people. And it isn´t much we can do as just one person. But I have decided to donate all profits from the sale today, September the 4th, to the Red Cross campaign for refugees.

It is not much, and in all honesty it´s probably mainly to numb my own bad conscience because I have the luxury to devote myself to something as trivial as modular synths. But hopefully it helps a little, and it gives you a chance to buy great stuff while doing a good deed!

So in short, whatever you buy today. I will donate the profit from that sale to the Red Cross refugee campaign!



Best Sellers

  • Toppobrillo Quantimator

    2200 kr
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  • Monome Walk

    1600 kr
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  • Eowave Fluctuations magnétiques

    1950 kr
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  • Birdkids Bateleur VCO

    5000 kr
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  • Circuit Abbey Vacvac

    1750 kr
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  • Liivatera Thru Zero VCO

    2900 kr
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