More modules are on it´s way from Make Noise, Intellijel, TipTop Audio among others. Expected to get here the second week of July.


Between July 10 and July 20 I will take a vacation. Of course I´ll answer mails as often and fast as possible as usual, but any orders placed during this time will be sent out on the 21st. So if you want to make sure you get new modules in time for your holiday, be sure to order before July 9.


Best Sellers

  • Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox Enclosure

    3390 kr
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  • Toppobrillo Quantimator

    2200 kr
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  • Doepfer A-139-2 Headphone Amp

    500 kr
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  • Mutant Machine

    6000 kr
    Info buy
  • CF Modular BHWR

    450 kr
    Info buy
  • Monome Walk

    1600 kr
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  • Arturia Microbrute

    3149 kr
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  • Eowave Fluctuations magnétiques

    1950 kr
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