Welcome to Escape from Noise!

Welcome to Swedens first shop totaly dedicated to Euro rack modulars.

Is it anything your looking for in Eurorack but don´t find here? Mail me, most things is possible to get.

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Best Sellers

  • XAOC Devices Batumi

    2450 kr
  • Synthrotek Sequence 8

    1950 kr
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  • KOMA Electronik Kabelhänger

    225 kr
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  • Dave Smith Instruments DSM01 Curtis Filter

    1495 kr
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  • Ad infinitum Patch cables

    60 kr
    Info buy
  • Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole

    3850 kr
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  • Modcan Dual Wave

    4000 kr
    Info buy
  • Hackme Vecktr

    3500 kr
    Info buy
  • Manhattan Analog Discrete SVVCF

    2200 kr
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  • Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard

    7500 kr
    Info buy
  • Dave Smith Modules DSM02 Character Module

    2590 kr
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